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Modern and innovative solutions to novel and established threats.

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Creative Designs

Healthcare systems are burdened with technical debt and conflicting demands. We cut through alternatives to find new solutions that *just work*.

Professional Services

We have a team combined experience of over 80 years in Healthcare Management, Compliance, IT Audit and Operations, and EHR analytics.

Patient Focus

Patient outcomes are our number one concern - all of our solutions are designed and implemented with that in mind.


We’re a boutique professional services firm specializing in Healthcare IT

SecretNet Solutions is a small team of highly-experienced application, regulatory, and network security professionals that deliver cutting-edge solutions for Healthcare and EHR-related analytics, architecture, compliance, and security problems that plague modern healthcare environments.

Our patient-outcome-focused approach to information assurance can help providers of any size rest easier at night.

Local Consultants

We have the ability to service providers of any scale anywhere in the continental United States.

Global Expertise

Although our team is small, the level of experience is high.

Our Services


Technical solutions to address modern security concerns ranging from mobile health and insider threats to supply chain security and legacy application hardening.


Full-scope consulting services for patient care, billing, reimbursement, managed care contracting, OSHA, JCAHO, as well as HIPAA privacy and security.


Electronic Health Records analytics design and integration for clinical decision support, documentation and data entry, and diagnostic predictions.

Our Skills

Whatever you need, we have it covered.

Our team is cross-trained and highly skilled across several domains of IT and Healthcare focus.

  • 01-Security Program Development

  • 02-Compliance Remediation

  • 03-Application Design

  • 04-AI/ML-Enhanced EHR Analytics

  • 05-Infrastructure Security


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